In new court filings. former President Donald Trump argued that he should not have to declare in court whether or not the Justice Department’s updated inventory of the documents seized from Mar-a-Lago is accurate.  In response to Trump’s suggestion that the FBI planted evidence during its search on Aug. 8, Special Master Raymond Dearie said that Trump had to submit a declaration of the accuracy of the Justice Department’s inquiry.  However, Trump argued that Dearie had only asked for a declaration from a government official and not from Trump’s side. Trump also said that he had no access to the documents at issue. The court filings said: “Additionally, the Plaintiff currently has no means of accessing the documents bearing classification markings, which would be necessary to complete any such certification by September 30, the currently proposed date of completion.”

The Justice Department submitted a slightly revised inventory of the materials seized from Mar-a-Lago on Monday, along with a declaration supporting the accuracy of the new list.  The new list adds 55 items to the more than 11,000 documents and photographs that were seized.  The new list also removed two empty folders with “CLASSIFIED” banners in the box. There are now 46 empty folders with classified markings.

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